Guiding the Next Generation of Dancers

Artflux Dance Lab is committed to preparing dancers to be successful in the industry professionally.

We offer an intense curriculum to aspiring dancers throughout the state of Michigan.

If you want experienced and qualified instructors to develop you or your children, look no further than The Lab.


What We Teach

In the Lab, we strive to provide our students an exceptional learning experience.

We offer training to teenagers and adults ages 12-25; with a primary focus of guiding them to be the next generation of professional dancers.

Our program caters to those who wish to have careers in the concert or commercial dance worlds.

Construct the Foundation for Success

The Lab was generated to facilitate professional level training for aspiring dancers. We offer a vigorous training regime; which has been carefully curated to cultivate talent.

If you are interested in cultivating your talents in the art of dance, register today!